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This website shows information from last year’s event.

Schedule of events Saturday. August 6 to Friday. August 12. 2016.

A variety of events will take place along the Kamogawa River and Misosogi River, from Oike to Bukkoji streets. These events are designed to enjoy the summer season during the cool evenings. They include the Maiko Teahouse, the Yuzen Nagashi demonstration on Kamogawa River, the Walkway of Bamboo and Light full of the Tanabata ambience, and more.

1 Furinto (Wind Chime Lanterns)

Wind chimes made with traditional Kyoto techniques are placed in bamboo baskets, and LED-lit wind chime lanterns are placed along the right bank of Kamogawa River. It is a light show that is symbolic of the Kamogawa venue.

Between Sanjo and Oike (approximately 1/3 set up during the Kamogawa Noryo); between Donguribashi Bridge and Bukkoji

2 Projection Art

A video on the theme of “Kyo-no-tanabata” will be shown on the left bank and on the surface of the water of Kamogawa River.

Date and time
August 8 (Mon) to 12 (Fri)

3 Walkway of Bamboo and Light

Tanabata Decorations on Kamogawa River

The left bank of Kamogawa River will be lined with illuminated bamboo leaves. (However, during the Kamogawa Noryo demonstration, this installation will be set up only on the Misosogi River side.)
The installation will display the "wishes" of the community's children and other members, and create a beautiful "Tanabata Pathway" lit with LED lights.

Light Installation on Misosogi River

The Misosogi River will be beautifully embellished with light.

Tanabata Stage Exhibition

There will be displays on the motif of the Tanabata Orihime legend, creating a fantasy-like space.

Date and time
August 8 (Mon) to 12 (Fri)

Cooperation (planned)
(An artist group that uses hundreds of mirror balls to create spatial art on the theme of “space and traditional Japanese beauty”)

4 Wishing Corner

Visitors can write their wishes on special strips of paper (¥100 each) and tie them to bamboo branches set up in the venue. Wishing Corners will be available in one location between Sanjo and Shijo, and near the headquarters tent on the north side under Sanjo Ohashi Bridge.

Date and time
August 8 (Mon) to 12 (Fri)

5 "Festival for enjoying cool evening in Kamo-river 2016"

The right bank of Kamogawa River, between Sanjo and Shijo streets, will host special stages, events and booths. These include tourist promotions, national specialties, a vendor corner, and promotion of issues regarding river environment and traditional industries.

Aug 6, 5:00PM–10:00PM
Aug 7, 5:00PM–9:30PM

6 Yuzen Nagashi

The Kyoto Senshoku Seinen Dantai Kyogikai (Kyoto Textile Youth Group Conference) will put on a demonstration of yuzen nagashi, a traditional method of washing dyed kimono silk in the river.

Aug 6, Aug 7 (demonstrations will be held twice on both days)

7 Kyo-no-Tanabata Maiko Cha-ya

Here is a chance to meet and watch a dance performance by Maiko, while enjoying beer, soft drinks and sweets. (Admission fee required)

Aug 6–12
17:30PM–8:20PM (Three stages, tickets valid for one stage only)